Miss. A. g.Wadodkar
Ushakal Kala Niketan

Miss. Anjali G. Wadodkar, President Ushakal Kala Niketan., Nagpur. Always interested in Human Resources ----, so did MSC in Human Resource ------, a complete micro planner. so play a very big role in planning every event of the organization. Sports and fitness enthusiasts, represented Nagpur university in Hockey at the National level. Takes life very ------ without any complaint. Enjoy --- a company of the children of various age groups but specially with ------. To channelize the energy in a positive manner is very important. The great impact of Swami Vivekanand, ----------- "character development or formation" --- Always give stress on the all-around development of a person and would work for it. Humble and deeply interested in social work, love to help others.

Dr. G.K.Wadodkar
Ushakal Kala Niketan

Dr. G.K. Wadodkar, Secretary Ushakal Kala Niketan Ph.D. Dist.(-----)
published 70 books, out of which 3 books have received state awards and one has received a National award. Very cheerful by nature. Has inclination towards social work. A good --------represented Nagpur university in -------. ---------directed 2 Marathi movies, 100 plays for AIR, ------- keen interested in uplifting the life of tribals in rural areas. He likes to read books written by "SANE GURUJI".The age old tradition of drama in our society has to always altered people more than anything else. But the other areas which need of lots of attention like academics measure health as well as physical health women empowerments etc. Todays youth is very brilliant and smart.