Ushakal Nagpur Bhushan (Award)

This award is given annualy by Ushakal theatre on the auspicious occassion of Gudipadva. This award has been given for the last 10 yrs. There is no specific field conditions for the selection of a candidate for this award. The decision of the selection of a candidate for this award. The decision of the selection committee is final as the esteemed applicant should be related to any field but his work should uplift to image of Nagpur and br admirable for the people of Nagpur. The name of the selected dignitory is announced with his permission and the award ceremony is held at the hands of distinguished dignitories on the day of Gudipadva. The award consists of a shawl, a shreefal, a certificate and a momento. This award has been confered to many eminant personalties like Dr. Vilas Ujwane, Smt. Ushatai Parakh, late Dr. Gopalkrishna Vyagrahalke, late Dr. B. R. Andhare, Dr Sudhir Bhone & Central minister of transport hon'ble Shri Nitinji Gadkari & Dr. Vilas Dangreji.

Maa Tuzhe Salam

In present times student life can be compaised with a boat without direction. To give a correct direction it is very difficult task. Along with this a sense of patriotism, or to sacrifices made by our Soldiers needs to remembered. so every year on Independence day i.e. 15th Aug we conduct a sologroup Patriotic dance competition (solo & group)


On the occassion of International women's day one day of camp is being organised under this title. In the stressful life of today, she wants peace somewhere. This is her 'Maher' for one day. The camp is a great guide for family and financial planning & stress mgf. This is very well evident from camp's feed back from the participants.Charity work for triable community. Daan Mahotsava Distribution of healthy, nutritrious food like Soyabean chembs, groundnut chikki, Rajgira ladoos and many more is done in various communities in Nagpur as well as Outside Nagpur- Melghat is known for its scemic beauty. but it is also known for its undernourished triables living there. We distributed clothes, blankets, woollows food, grocery, oral case products, stationary, solar lamps in Melghat.

Natya Darbar

The main interest of our organisation was theatre. We participated in all leading drama competitions. and won many prizes for the organisation. The main competition was state children drama group. We participated from the 1st state competition and won 4 major prizes (production) for Ushakal and 10 Silver medals in acting, two prizes for direction & one for make-up & costume.

Ranga Bhoomi (5th Nov. Rang bhoomi din)

Prior to this, there were many street plays in Nagpur but they did not take place in the form of competition. On the occassion of Marathi Rangbhoomi din, path Natya camp is organized. Successful teams are honoured with first, second, third prizes in the form of momentos & certificates.

Vichar Motiyancha Chara (Teacher's Day)

For last many years we have been doing so many different events for different age group or for different but nothing was being done for teachers who is the important every year we conduct a essay & debate competition on Teacher's day i.e. 5th Sept. It is a tribute to one of the most eminent teacher, and our president Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Teachers from not only Nagpur but also from the Sukurks take part in it. First 3 Winners are awarded with moments & certificate.

Zakle Manik Shodh Spardha

This includes dance with acting & singing. This competition has been organized by for last 7 yrs. by us Last year around zero plus schools participated in this competition. This competition has been organised by for last 7 yrs by us. last year around zero plus schools. participated in this competition. This Competition is organised for boys and girls between 5th to 12th std. The final event is conducted at the grand promises of "Amrut Bhavan" on 26th Dec. every year. Audience is present in large number The event is Simultaneously hold on three magnifecent stages - Gansamsadni Lata Mangeshwar Rangmanch, "Pandit Birju Maharaj Rangmanch, and Pandit Balgandharva Rangmanch. Undoubtedly this is a very unique event for the people of Nagpur. Nine Cashprizes of 1111/-Rs & Manik award of Rs 11,111/- is given of course we accuse that we will soon fulfill the request of the amateurs to hold this event at the Maharashtra level.